On-Screen Affirmations from the Digital Bulletin

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Increase participation in your service by letting your church send affirmations from the Digital Bulletin.

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Enable Congregation-Sent Affirmations

Expand Settings and select Quick Screens

Scroll down to the Floating Amen and Floating Heart Quick Screens. Set each to Show and check Allow congregation to initiate. This will allow people in your service to send Floating Hearts and/or Floating Amens to your On Air presentation. 


Encourage Your Congregation to Send Affirmations

Direct your people to the digital bulletin that Proclaim publishes to your church group automatically each week. You can find your bulletin in your Faithlife church group or from the File menu in Proclaim. 

Note: To make the most of this feature, invite people in your church to your Faithlife Church group. Not only does it make it easier for them to access the bulletin each week, but it also notifies them each time a new bulletin is published. You can also direct people to your Faithlife church group page to have them view the bulletin, or add a web address signal to your online bulletin.

While viewing your bulletin, anyone can send an On-Screen Affirmation to your presentation by selecting the Amen or Heart buttons that scroll along with the bulletin. 

Note: If they have joined your church group, encourage your people to download the Faithlife app for the easiest access to your bulletin.

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