How do I add my own Ministry Channel?

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Help churches promote your ministry. Free.

Join ministries like Awana, Compassion International, and the Church of God to enable more than 9,000 churches to use your campaign graphics, ministry videos, and other visuals.

Faithlife Proclaim is a cloud-connected solution for church presentations. Every week pastors, worship leaders, and administrators use Proclaim to create the slides for their worship service.

Proclaim features a built-in media browser with access to thousands of visuals: slides, backgrounds, videos, etc. You can have your own branded page in the media library, at no cost.

Visual resources hosted on your web site need to be downloaded to users machines and re-uploaded into presentation software. Resources in your ministry channel in Faithlife Proclaim can be added to a presentation with just a single click, with no downloading, uploading, or file-format concerns.

Use your ministry channel to distribute:

  • Videos about ministry work. This is the easiest way to get campaign videos, field reports, missionary updates, and more directly into presentations. No more DVDs, video format hassles, USB drives, or switching video feeds during a service. Your video is delivered through the cloud, added with a click, and ready to play as part of the service slides.

  • Themed slides. Maintain consistent branding by providing Smart Media backgrounds for announcements related to your ministry. (You provide the artwork; we’ll help make it Smart Media.)

Awana uses this feature to deliver branded visuals for weekly announcements, awards ceremonies, etc. These slides have been used thousands of times, helping maintain a consistent, quality image.

Compassion International has a ministry channel loaded with videos about their work around the world, for use on Compassion Sunday and during other campaigns to sign up ministry supporters.

The Church of God offers sermon slide templates that match their movement-wide theme, as well as videos about their international ministries.


Raise awareness of your ministry

If you don’t provide great visuals, someone may provide bad visuals: people make their own slides using cut-and-paste logos and clipart. Or maybe they just don’t use anything at all.

Make it easy for your partner churches to use your campaign graphics, consistent branding, and to share your video updates by creating your own ministry channel for Faithlife Proclaim Church Presentation Software.


It’s incredibly easy. And free.

We do all the work. Just say yes, tell us what content you want included, by emailing

Email us background graphics, slide templates, and logos -- or point us to the URL where your visual resources are archived online. (We prefer both widescreen 16x9 and standard 4x3 aspect ratios, but can work with either.)

Email or upload the videos you want to make available. We can tell you where to upload them. 

That’s it! We’ll load everything up and tell you when you can announce to your partner churches that your ministry channel is live in Faithlife Proclaim!

You have complete control over your channel, and can add or remove content at any time.










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