Oops! Looks like your presentation group isn't affiliated with a church group

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Faithlife Proclaim requires a connected church group to access great features like sermon recording, bulletins, and generating announcement slides from your church calendar.

You must be an admin or moderator in both your presentation group and your church group in order to affiliate the groups. If you don't have a church group you can create one for free.

Note: If you are not an administrator of your church group, go to Faithlife.com, search for your church group, and click About in the group's lefthand sidebar to view your church group's administrator. Click your administrator’s name, then send them a message and have them add your presentation team as a subgroup.

If you already have a church group, follow the steps below to affiliate your presentation group with it: 


1. Set church group from the Proclaim account menu.

Expand the account menu in the top right-hand corner of Proclaim. Note the name of your presentation group (you'll need this in a moment) and then click Set church group.

Click Set your church group in the pop up. 

2. Navigate to your church group.

Your browser will open to Faithlife.com. Select your church group in the sidebar. 

3. Affiliate your presentation group with your church group.

Click Manage group in the sidebar.

Remember: You must be an admin or moderator in both your presentation group and your church group to affiliate the two.

Expand the Add menu and click Add/Invite Groups

Search for your presentation group and click Invite

Note: You can click Remove Subgroup to remove the link between your church group and any subgroup.

When you return to Proclaim and expand the Account menu, your church should appear in the church group section. 


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