How Can I Change the Aspect Ratio of My Presentation?

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Proclaim currently supports a variety of aspect ratios:

  • 16:9
  • 16:9 Vertical
  • 16:9 Doublewide
  • 16:9 Triplewide
  • 4:3
  • 4:3 Vertical
  • 4:3 Doublewide
  • 4:3 Triplewide
  • 16:10
  • 21:9

You can set each virtual screen in Proclaim to your desired aspect ratio.

1. Open the Display settings.

Expand the Settings menu and select Display.

2. Set an Aspect Ratio for any virtual screen.

While adding or editing (click the gear icon ) any virtual screen, click the current aspect ratio. Select your desired aspect ratio from the dropdown list and click Done to confirm and save your changes.

Note: If your images are distorted, you may need to resize your image.

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