Lighting Scenes and Outbound MIDI

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A lighting scene represents a configuration of lights (e.g. House Lights Up, Stage Lights On). Scenes can be configured to communicate with any device that uses the MIDI protocol, common in most lighting control systems.

If your church doesn't already have a lighting system, Proclaim works with off-the-shelf Philips Hue bulbs and LED light strips. This is a great cost-effective option for smaller budgets, combining simplicity and professionalism.


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Configure a Lighting Scene

1. Add a scene.

Click Settings and Lighting/MIDI.

Click Add Scene.

2. Define your scene.

Enter a descriptive name for your scene in the text box so you can easily identify it later (e.g. Warm up scene, Standard Sermon scene, etc.). Select Add control to connect a MIDI capable device or Philips Hue lighting bridge. (See below.)

3. Preview your scene.

Click the Preview button to view your scene and click Save when finished.

Connect a MIDI Device

Proclaim works with existing lighting boards. If your board already has lighting scenes configured, send a single note to activate the appropriate scene. This configuration varies based on your existing setup. Proclaim supports note on, note off, and control change, as well as a full range of notes and velocity. Get help from the community by posting questions in the Proclaim Group.

Did you know? Sending MIDI output isn't limited only to lighting! Proclaim can communicate with any MIDI capable device like a camera or video switcher. Check out more on setting up Inbound Midi here. Learn more about automating song lyrics here.

Connect a Philips Hue bridge

Proclaim automatically searches for any available Philips Hue bridges.

1. Connect the bridge.

Select one for use and press the button on top of the bridge to connect.

2. Set colors.

Once a bridge is connected, you'll see a list of available lights. Configure your lighting scene to set colors automatically using the current slide or use the color picker to define your own color.

Add a Lighting Scene to Your Presentation

Lighting scenes are added to service items and cues in your presentation using the Signals feature. (For more about Signals, click here.)

1. Select the service item.

Select the service item you want to trigger the lighting change (e.g. Welcome, Sermon, etc.). Toggle Proclaim to Edit mode.

2. Add the lighting scene.

Click the Signals tab, followed by Add Signal. The Lighting pop-up menu displays available lighting scenes. When you navigate to this service item the lighting scene will be applied.

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