Inbound MIDI

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Send commands to Proclaim–such as navigating slides, going On Air, showing Quick Screens–using external MIDI devices (e.g. an Ableton 25 Key, MIDI keyboard, or a MIDI foot pedal).

To use MIDI devices with Proclaim, follow these steps:

1. Plug in your device then open Proclaim.

Before opening Proclaim, connect your MIDI device to your computer. Proclaim automatically lists to all MIDI devices it discovers connected to your computer. 

Note: If a device is added while Proclaim is running, you need to restart Proclaim in order for it to detect the device.

2. Open Inbound MIDI command menu.

Click Settings and select MIDI Input.

3. Add MIDI commands.

Click the Add Command button to reveal a dropdown menu of available MIDI commands (e.g. Previous slide, Go On Air, Play video, etc.).

4. Configure your MIDI device.

To configure your device automatically:

Select the desired command from the dropdown. Proclaim begins listening for a signal from your MIDI device. Push the button on your MIDI device you would like to use to execute the command.

To configure your device manually:

Click configure it manually hyperlink. Proclaim supports Note on, Note off, and Control change MIDI messages. You can also change the note and channel Proclaim listens to. When you press the button you mapped on your device, Proclaim executes the command you selected.

To remove a command:

Hover on the command you wish to remove. Click the X in the upper right corner of the command.

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