Show Your On Air Presentation In Signage

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If your church uses Proclaim, you can have your presentation take over your sign feed while you’re On Air.

1. Open any Sign Feed.

Go to and go to your Presentation team. Click Digital Signage on the left and select your desired digital feed.

Open digital signage link from dashboard

2. Enable Show OnAir presentations.

Scroll down to the feed settings and toggle on Show OnAir presentations (which is the default).

Add OnAir presentation to a sign feed

3. Go OnAir in Proclaim.

When you go OnAir, your Digital Signage feed will automatically show your OnAir presentation. When you take your presentation off air, the sign feed will switch back to its normal rotation.

If you want your sign feed to keep its normal rotation during the pre-service loop, warp-up, and post-service loop, check Show only Service section.

  • When you first go OnAir in Proclaim, your sign feed will continue to loop as normal.
  • When you transition to the Service section of your presentation, the OnAir presentation will take over your sign feed.

Note: Going OnAir with your sign feed runs your presentation’s slides on screens connected to your computer. OnAir presentations won’t take over local sign feeds.

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