What Does "On Air" Mean?

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On Air is the term we use to describe when you are actually presenting.

Go On Air

When you first arrive at your building, open Proclaim and click On Air (or the keyboard shortcut, F5) to start presenting. 

Note: To go On Air from a particular service item, right-click the service item in your Order of Service panel on the left and select Go On Air (or press Shift + F5 with a service item selected).

Proclaim will follow your Order of Service, looping through your pre-service loop before automatically transitioning to the warm-up section, and finally to your service section at the service time you provideLearn more about determining the length of your pre-service loop.

Go Off Air

When your service ends, press the escape key on your keyboard or deselect On Air

Note: To use Proclaim you will need an On Air license. If your On Air license has expired you will see a Proclaim watermark over your presentation. Purchase a license in Proclaim or over the phone at 888-634-2038 (US/Canada) or +1 360-450-3542 (International). When you open Proclaim for the first time and create a presentation group you will receive a 30-day Proclaim On Air license and Pro Media subscription. So plug into your existing infrastructure and test Proclaim free for 30 days!

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