Help! I Deleted My Presentation!

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Don’t worry! There is a quick and easy way to restore deleted presentations using your web browser.

To restore a deleted presentation:

1. Login to

Sign in with your Faithlife email and password. This the same login info that you use for Proclaim.

2. Select your presentation team.

Click your user name and choose your presentation team. This is where all of your Proclaim presentations are backed up.

3. Restore presentation.

Click the dropdown menu and switch from Available documents to Deleted documents. Find the presentation you wish to restore, hover your cursor over it, and click the Undelete button.

Note: If you don’t see the presentation, make sure you selected your presentation team and are not in a different presentation team or your personal documents.

4. Open presentation in Proclaim.

Your presentation is restored and is visible within the list of presentations in Proclaim. Open the presentation by clicking File and expand the Open Recent menu to locate the restored presentation. Click the presentation name to open it.

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