Can I use Proclaim without an Internet connection?

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Yes, you can use Proclaim to create, present, and record without an internet connection. Proclaim is designed so that your presentation will work on the day you are presenting without a network connection. 

How to Run Proclaim without Internet

It’s essential that the computer running Proclaim has the most recent version of your presentation prior to the time of your presentation. 

This can accomplished in one of two ways:

  1. With Internet: Sync your presentation completely on the presentation computer beforehand (when you have access to internet).
  2. Without Internet: Download a backup of your most up-to-date presentation to a .prs file and then manually restore it to your presentation computer your presentation.

The Proclaim Remote app works best when connected to local WIFI. If you rely on the internet to communicate with the desktop client then both applications must have an active connection to the internet.

Features Requiring Internet

Some non-essential features of Proclaim require a network connection during the service to function:

  • Signals: without internet your congregation will not receive signals from a presentation that is On Air.
  • On-screen Bible quick screen: the OSB references require a network connection to contact and receive information from Biblia. If your presentation already has OSB or regular Bible service items, they will play normally without a network connection.

Note: Bible references added to your presentation with a network connection will still appear even if you have no Internet. However, adding a new reference will require a network connection to retrieve the passage text.

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