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You can control your Proclaim presentation from a mobile device with the Proclaim Remote, available in the App Store for iOS devices and in Google Play for Android devices. Of course, you can also control your presentation with a third-party remote if you prefer.


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Configure Proclaim Remote

Begin by downloading the app. Proclaim Remote is available on iOS and Android.

Next, sign in with your Faithlife account. This is the same username and password you use to sign into to Proclaim.


Control your presentation.

When you open the app, all your presentations will display automatically for all members of your presentation team. If you are not a member of the team, you can ask an administrator to invite you.


The active On Air presentation will display at the top of the screen. While the list will refresh automatically, you can also manually force a refresh by swiping downward anywhere on your screen. Tapping on any presentation that is not On Air (i.e., those in the All Presentations section below) lets you view the presentation in preview mode, but will not modify it in any way or affect an On Air presentation.

Note: Proclaim Remote connects to your presentation computer through the internet, so both your mobile device and computer need a strong connection to the internet. The fastest and most stable way to connect is through your local WIFI network.

Select Control on the On Air presentation to open the control view and navigate aspects of the presentation.


Note: In order to control an On Air presentation, you must be a member of the presentation team. If you are not a member of the team, you can ask an administrator to invite you.

From the control view, you can change the slide being presented to the audience, control video playback, and show a blank quick-screen or a preset logo. Your device is synchronized with the Proclaim desktop app so any changes from the desktop are reflected on your device and vice versa.


You can also display your private notes along with the slide so both your notes and the presentation show at the same time.


See Controlling a Presentation with the Proclaim Remote for more information on using Proclaim Remote.

Follow A Presentation

Following a presentation shows the slide currently projected on your mobile device. As the slides your congregation see change, your screen will update automatically as well. Those following a presentation cannot control the presentation.

Anyone can follow a nearby presentation from their mobile device—even if they are not a member of the presentation group. If you want to follow a nearby presentation without being a member of the presentation group, you must enable location services on your mobile device and your church’s presentation computer must have also set the location of the presentation in Faithlife Proclaim.


Select Follow to view any On Air presentation.


Note: Sound and video will not play on the device.

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