How do I change how long the Pre-Service Loop plays?

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The duration of the Pre-Service Loop is determined by the amount of time that is left before the warm-up must start so the service starts on time. Because of this, the amount of time that the Pre-Service Loop plays depends on the following factors:

For example, if your service starts at 10 AM, your Warm-Up is 5 minutes long, and you want the Pre-Service Loop to play for 5 minutes, you must go On-Air at 9:50 AM. Doing so will cause the Pre-Service Loop to play for 5 minutes and the Warm-Up to start at 9:55.



If you want the Pre-Service Loop to play longer, you must either go On-Air earlier or make the Warm-Up length shorter.

Want to change the duration each service item plays within the Pre-Service loop? Simply change the auto-advance timer to the desired duration.

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