Confidence Output Monitors

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With Proclaim you can show several different output types on as many screens as you need, including the Confidence Monitor Output, which displays a high contrast, text-only view of the slide content. The Confidence output is often used by the worship team and presented on a confidence monitor. The output also supports stage directions to quickly facilitate messages to whomever is presenting.

1. Set an output to Confidence.

Expand the Settings menu and select Display. Set your chosen output to Confidence.


Note: Learn more about configuring all output types in Proclaim.

You can add as many confidence monitors as you need, so long as at least one output is set to Slides. Proclaim requires at least one monitor be set to Slides to show your public-facing presentation. The monitor followed by “Application” is your computer’s monitor, and should be set to ”Not Used” so you can control your presentation while On Air.

2. Configure the output’s settings.

Once you set an output to Confidence, several additional settings become available below. You must have one of your outputs set to Confidence in order to access these options. Check or uncheck the boxes to show or hide information on the confidence monitor output.


  • Slide title: Show the current service item’s title.
  • Song lyrics preview: Show the first line of the next song lyric at the bottom of the confidence output.
  • Clock: Show the current time in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Countdown timer: Show configured confidence timers you’ve added to your presentation from the Add Item Menu. Learn more.
  • Recording Indicator: Show a recording indicator in the top right-hand corner whenever your presentation is recording. The indicator also includes how long you’ve been recording. Learn more about recording in Proclaim.

With every item configured and enabled, your confidence monitor will look like this:


3. Configure other options.

Confidence monitors also support features that require additional steps to use effectively: 

  • Countdown timers: Timers on your Confidence or Notes monitor can count up to show a speaker how long they’ve been speaking or count down from a pre-determined time limit (learn more).
  • Stage Directions or Messages: You can send live speaker-facing stage directions or messages to communicate important information to the Confidence or Notes monitor (learn more). 

Note: You can also configure congregation-facing messages like Crawl Text, Pager information, and Countdown Clocks (learn more).

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