How Do I Add a New Text Field to a Slide?

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Proclaim includes several different types of text fields. You can customize each text field or box to best fit your needs.

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Add text to a slide

1. Make sure Proclaim is in Edit mode.

2. Select the slide you wish to edit and click the Add Text Box icon.

A blank text box is added to the slide. Click and drag the text box to your desired location on the slide. Move a single-slide text field to another slide in the same service item by right clicking and selecting Cut (Ctrl+X for Windows, Cmd+X for Mac). Right click the slide on which you want the text field to appear and select Paste (Ctrl+V for Windows, Cmd+V for Mac) from the menu.

Add your desired text in the box on the left. Use the text tools along the top of the window to customize the size, look, color, and layout of the text. Text fields in Proclaim are multi-line by default. Specify a text field to be non-breaking (single line) in the Text Alignment dropdown in the text editing bar.

Note: Learn more about formatting the text within the text box (e.g. Box Fill Justification) here.

3. To remove a text field:

  • Click the X to the right of the text box in the edit pane
  • Click the text field on the slide and press the Delete key.

Repeat a text on multiple slides

When you want a particular text field to appear on each slide in a multi-slide service item:

  1. Select the text box.
  2. Right click the text box and select Show on All Slides.
  3. Your desired text is duplicated on each slide in the service item.

Spread a Text over Multiple Slides

Often you will have a text that is too long to fit on a single screen. Rather than create multiple text boxes and multiple slides, Proclaim allows you to insert a Main Content text field. This text field allows you to format a text in one panel and let Proclaim spread it over multiple slides, so it is easily readable.

  1. Click the drop-down menu to the right of the Add Text Box icon.
  2. Select Main Content.
    Proclaim adds the Main Content text field to your slide. Your text flows across multiple slides and can be edited in the main text editor in Edit view.

  3. Add more slides to a service item by adding slide breaks in the text editor. Click the Slide Break icon  or press Enter and add -- (two hyphens) to manually create a slide break
    (To learn more about adding slides, click here.)

Insert Smart Captions

Proclaim’s Smart Captions remember the information you enter for future use. Your church name, website, and social media information are saved for use any time you wish to show these details on any slide.

To insert a Smart Caption:

  1. Select the service item that you wish to use.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the Add Text Box icon.

  3. Select your desired Smart Caption type (e.g. Church Name, Website, Wifi Password, etc.). Proclaim automatically inserts a text box with the corresponding information into your presentation slide.
  4. The first time that you use a Smart Caption, the text box contains example text.
    Enter the text you want to appear in the box. Proclaim remembers this information and inserts it each time you use this Smart Caption. If this information changes, you can update it by repeating this step and inserting the new desired caption. In the example below, the upper box contains the church name and was used previously. However, the website Smart Caption has not been used, so the example text needs to be updated.

Note: Learn about other Smart Media features here.

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