How Do I Use Proclaim in Another Language?

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Proclaim offers a variety of multilingual tools. The user interface itself is available in both English and Spanish; additionally, you can access a variety of resources in several languages for your presentation, including Bibles, verse art, and song lyrics.




Set the User Interface Language

Proclaim’s interface is available in English and Spanish. To change the language, expand the main Settings menu and select the General tab. Using the dropdown menu, select the language you prefer. You will need to restart Proclaim for the changes to take effect.

Note: If your congregation frequently uses foreign language characters (e.g., Greek, Chinese, etc.), you can upload your own custom fonts to Proclaim and speed up your rendering time for your presentation. Many fonts are available for free online and include full character sets for other languages.

Access Non-English Bibles

Within Proclaim, you can access non-English Bibles, add non-English Bible passages to content items, import any passage from Logos, or add professionally-designed verse art in a variety of languages.

Add a non-English Bible passage.

By default, Proclaim includes more than 50 Bibles. If you own additional Bibles, they will be available in Proclaim as well. A full list of your current Bibles can be found by visiting and signing in using your Faithlife username and password.

Note: Want to purchase more Bibles? You can do so from the Logos website or Anyone in your presentation team can access any digital Bible you own in Proclaim.

To add a Bible passage to your presentation, create a Bible or On-Screen Bible service item.

Choose your preferred Bible translation, enter your passage, and Proclaim will format and attribute the Bible verse for you. If you don’t see your preferred Bible, click more to view and search your full list of available Bibles.

Did you know? If you apply a smart media background the text will update automatically.

Add a Bible passage to a content item.

You can add any passage to a content item by entering the reference surrounded with double brackets (e.g., [[John 3:1–2]]). Proclaim will add verse slides to your item automatically. You can even reference Bibles with short codes to pull from the translation you prefer (e.g., [[John 3:1–2 (NBLH)]].

Note: Learn more about embedded Bible verses, including more advanced short codes.

Can’t find the Bible you want to display? Paste text from any language into the text editing field. Choose a smart media background, and Proclaim will find a font and color to match.

Import a Bible passage from Logos.

You can send any passage from Logos to Faithlife Proclaim from the right-click context menu.

Open any resource in Logos and highlight your desired text. When you right click, the context menu will display. Ensure your highlight (or reference) is selected on the right and then click Send to Faithlife Proclaim.

When you return to Proclaim, your verse will display as a new content item. Click and drag to place it where you want in your order of service and apply a smart media background to auto-format the item to fit the visual theme for your presentation.

Note: Get more help with Logos content and media.

Add non-English Bible verse art.

You can find professionally-designed Bible art in the Media Browser. Bible art slides can illustrate a particular verse in your sermon, and they’re perfect in an image slideshow.

Open the Media Browser (expand the Media menu item and select Browse Media). Select the Bible Art filter under Collections in the left-hand filter panel.

Select the language(s) you want to view at the bottom of the search filters. Select the verse you want to add to your presentation and click   Add as a new Content Item on the right.

Create Bilingual Service Items

Although Faithlife Proclaim does not currently support bilingual service items by default, you can manually create multilingual song lyrics or Bible passages with emphasis text. Add a Content Item from the Add Item menu and add your interlinear text.

Select each line you want to emphasize and click the Emphasis Text icon  (Ctrl + H on a PC or Cmd + Shift + H on a Mac).

Select the dropdown arrow to the right to change the color of the emphasis text.

Even though manually creating bilingual song lyrics is time-consuming, you can easily save your work to use in future presentations. Select the title of your service item and rename it to something recognizable (Pro tip: add “(bilingual)” to easily find it later).

In a future presentation, expand the Add Item menu and select Reuse Item…. Search for your previously-created bilingual service item. If you added “(bilingual)” to your item, you can search to locate all your previously-created items. Select from the search results to add it to your presentation.

You can also create text boxes in your presentation to display bilingual text side-by-side.

  1. Click the text box icon on the upper right of the window to insert a new text box. Add as many boxes as you need.
  2. Resize the text boxes by dragging the corners to your desired size, and rearrange the text boxes by dragging the whole box wherever you want it.
  3. Enter text by clicking within the box that displays above the primary content editing area and typing or pasting your content.



  1. Click the X to the right of your text boxes to remove the box from your slide.
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