Proclaim Group Basics

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A Proclaim presentation team allows you to organize your staff and volunteers as they collaborate to use the many features Proclaim has to offer.

When you start Proclaim for the first time, you will be asked to either create a new team or find an existing team. When you start a trial or purchase a license for Proclaim, you are obtaining a license for a specific group. This means that licenses are used for groups, not individuals. Anyone who has joined the group can access all the licensed media the group has purchased for no additional cost. This includes Proclaim Pro Media, Logos 6 media, and any partner media subscriptions you may have purchased.

Example: when I make the team “Faith Church Presentation Team” and purchase a license, I am not purchasing for myself, but rather for everyone who is a part of my team. This may include volunteers who work on the slides, the pastor, or media personnel at my church; as many collaborators as I need to make my presentation beautiful will share my license on as many machines as they need.

In two years, I may go on to plant a new church and make a new presentation team, but the original “Faith Church Presentation Team” will still be able to be used and managed by the members in my old church. We encourage you to name a group in a way that is easy to find and makes sense for the team. You can use this link if you ever need to change your team's name.

You can also invite, message, and manage people from the group page on each person’s Faithlife account at using the same sign-in information you would for Proclaim. Faithlife allows you to work with your presentation team, as well as interact with other teams and groups that are not related to presentations or Proclaim.

Learn more about groups from the Proclaim Monday Minute:



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