Why Won't Proclaim Run after Installing on Windows?

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If you run Proclaim on Windows and the app doesn’t start, follow these steps to ensure your system is up-to-date.

Step 1: Contact Faithlife tech support.

If Proclaim crashes on launch, your .NET framework may need to be repaired. If your .NET framework is not intact or is corrupted in any way, it can cause issues with Proclaim, including a crash on start up. Because the .NET framework is an essential part of your computer and should only be tampered with as a last resort. Before you try any of the steps below, make sure there aren’t any other issues causing your failure with Proclaim. Contact support via chat or send an email to support@faithlife.com.

Note: It is common for problems with the .NET framework to cause errors with multiple programs.

Step 2: Attempt to solve the problem.

If advised by tech support, you can try to repair the .NET framework problem on your own.

Option 1: Repair Tool

  1. Try to repair your currently installed .NET. This can be done with the .NET Framework Repair Tool. Install the tool and run it.
  2. After the tool finishes repairing any issues, reboot your computer.
  3. Reinstall Proclaim and try to run it.

Option 2: Reinstall .NET framework

If the above step does not work, reinstall your .NET framework, by uninstalling and reinstalling the newest version of the .NET framework or use the .NET Framework Cleanup tool.

Note: For each self-repair option listed above, read more details this article.

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