How Do I Change My Group's Name?

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Changing your group name can be done from as long as you are an administrator of your group.

1. Locate your group on

You can navigate directly to and sign in. Once signed in, select your group in the left-hand navigation panel.


Alternatively, clicking your Presentation Group Name in the account drop down menu of Proclaim opens the Presentation Team’s page at


Note: The examples provided change your Presentation Team’s name (the group that has access to your Proclaim presentations). To change your main church group’s name, select it in the main navigation panel on instead of your Presentation Team.

2. Open your Group Settings.

Scroll down to the Admin panel and click the Settings icon image4.png to open the Settings icon page.


3. Change your group name.

Place your cursor in the Group Name text box and provide a new name.


The Settings updated successfully notification appears at the top of the screen informing you that the change has been completed.

Note: Proclaim groups will automatically have Presentation added to the Group Name. The word Presentation is not necessary in the Group Nickname.

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