How Do I Apply a Single Text Style to All My Service Items?

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Proclaim provides different options to apply a single text style to your service items.

1. Select Multiple Items

First, select your desire service items or text boxes/fields.

Multiple Service Items

Press and hold Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (macOS) while you individually select service items (or hold Shift to select adjacent items). All selected items must be the same kind of service item (e.g. all Song items).

multiple slides selected with banner showing changes will apply to all selected slides

Multiple Text Boxes or Fields

If you want multiple boxes or fields in a service item to have the same style, press and hold Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (macOS) while you individually select text boxes/fields (or hold Shift to select adjacent items).

Multiple textboxes selected in the Proclaim preview

2. Apply Edits to Multiple Items

With multiple service items or text boxes/fields selected, apply global edits to fonts, justification, style, and more.

Apply Text Styles

Adjust the font, size, justification, effects, etc.

edit toolbar highlighted with multiple text fields selected

You can also select a pre-existing text style. Click Styles and select a style from the drop-down list.

styles menu dropdown showing preset styling options

Proclaim applies the style’s font, justification, and effects to the selected text box or text field in each service item you selected.

Note: Learn more about working with text in Proclaim or applying custom text styles.

Smart Media

Another way to apply a single text style to your service items is by applying a Smart Media template.

Click Media and select Browse Media.

browse media menu option highlighted

Note: You can also open the Media Browser by selecting Browse Media from the Background drop-down menu.

In the Media Browser, select the template you want to apply. Proclaim applies the background and text styling to all your selected service items.

apply as smart media selected with media selected in main window pane

Note: When you apply a media item as Smart Media, Proclaim formats existing text boxes and fields to correspond to the text boxes and fields in the Smart Media. If your existing service item has additional text boxes or fields that are not in the Smart Media item, the text boxes or fields in your service item are eliminated.

Learn more about creating your own Smart Media templates. You can also select a style as your default style for service items.

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