Connecting Your Church to a Presentation Team

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Faithlife Proclaim requires a connected church group to access great features like sermon recording, bulletins, and generating announcement slides from your church calendar. You can create a new church group, connect to an existing church group, or rename a current church group from

Tip: You can affiliate an existing presentation team with your church group while creating your church group. Search for the presentation team and connect them. 

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Connect to an existing church group

You must be an admin or moderator in both your presentation team and your church group in order to affiliate the groups.

Note: If you are not an administrator of your church group, go to, search for your church group, and click About in the group's lefthand sidebar to view your church group's administrator. Click your administrator’s name, then send them a message and have them add your presentation team as a subgroup.

Follow the steps below to connect your presentation team with an existing church group:


1. Set church group from the Proclaim account menu.

Expand the account menu in the top right corner of Proclaim. Note the name of your presentation team (you'll need this in a moment) and then click Set church group.

Click Set your church group in the pop-up. 


2. Navigate to your church group.

Your browser will open to Select your church group in the sidebar. 


3. Affiliate your presentation team with your church group.

Click Manage group in the sidebar.

Remember: You must be an admin or moderator in both your presentation team and your church group to affiliate the two.

Expand the Add menu and click Add/Invite Existing Groups

Search for your presentation team and click Invite.

Note: If you created the group on, the Invite option may be replaced with Add.

Note: You can click Remove Subgroup to remove the link between your church group and any subgroup.

When you return to Proclaim and expand the Account menu, your church should appear in the church group section. 

If you want to add other subgroups and teams to your church, click here to learn how.


Rename your current church group

When you first install Proclaim, you have the option to skip connecting your presentation team to your church. When you do this, Proclaim creates a Church group named similar to your presentation team. If you've been using Proclaim on Sundays but now want to use your church group more actively with your church, renaming your church group is probably your best option. This means you can keep all your service items for re-use and all the media in your Group Uploads without importing them back into Proclaim (like you would have to if you created a new church group).


1. Find your church group on

Once you login, you should see your church group in the sidebar. 


2. Open Group settings. 

Expand Settings in the Admin navigation panel and click Group Settings. 


3. Change your church name. 

The group's settings contain several sections. You can change your church name from the top section, Group Info.

You can change:

  • Group Name: the official name (must be unique)
  • Nickname: the way the name will display for members
  • Group URL: the customizable, unique URL for your church

When you're done, click Save settings.

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