Why doesn't my PowerPoint presentation import properly?

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Proclaim software gives users the option to import a presentation directly from PowerPoint as an image slideshow in Proclaim. Third-party software exports the PowerPoint slides as images, then uploads the images into your Proclaim presentation. There are several known issues with the export process that we would like to point out:

  • In older PowerPoint presentations, backgrounds may be lightened and text may be cut off.
  • In newer PowerPoint presentations, text may be distorted or cut off.
  • Certain fonts may be absent or distorted after importing.
  • Animations are not preserved.


Are there any workarounds for these bugs? 

If you're on Windows, Proclaim can use PowerPoint to create exact representations of your slides. To enable this option, go to Settings > General. In the PowerPoint section, check the box that says "Use PowerPoint to import".




If you're on a Mac this option is not available, but there is a simple workaround if you are experiencing these bugs. First, open the presentation which you wish to export in PowerPoint. Navigate to the File menu and select Export and Change File Type from the list.

Note: before you export, make sure to select all the slides in your presentation you wish to export.



There are two options to export as an image (.png and .jpg); Proclaim can import either format. Once you have saved all the slides in your presentation, open Proclaim and sign in.


Importing slides into Proclaim

Select the Add Item menu and insert an image slideshow. Now choose to Add images and Import... them from your computer.



Select the image(s) your generated in the steps above and tag them. Your PowerPoint presentation is now fully imported.

Tip: you can select more than one image to import; select all your slide images at once and import them.

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