How Do I Reuse Items?

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With Proclaim you can reuse any previously created service items in your current presentation from the Add Item menu. Reusing items saves you time and prevents you from manually creating service items again. 

Did you know? You can change the default media for content, song, Bible, or announcement items from the Settings menu. By default new items have black backgrounds with white text. If you're reusing items only to find a background you use regularly learn how to change your default media to a different template. 

1. Open the Add Item menu.

While working on your current presentation, expand the Add Item menu and select Reuse item…

Tip: For quicker access, press Ctrl Shift R on a PC or ⌘CMD + Shift + on a Mac. 

2. Locate the item to reuse. 

Enter the name of the previously used item in the search box. If necessary, filter by service item type from the drop-down menu on the right. Once you find your desired item, select it add it to your current presentation. 

Note: If you add custom names to your service items (double-click on the title in your order of service in the left-hand panel and rename them), it's easier to reuse them later. In the example above, the addition of "bilingual" makes it easy to find that exact item. Learn more about using Proclaim in another language. 

The best way to start your presentation for this week is to duplicate it from last week. You can then remove items you don't need and reuse items from previous presentations not included last week. Learn how to duplicate a template presentation or watch this extended webinar:

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