How Do I Repeat A Service Item?

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Repeating a service item allows you to create an automatic loop for an item in the Service section of your presentation. Adding a repeat provides a level of automation that is not inherent in the Service section by default.

This feature is available for Content, Announcement, Video, and Image Slideshow service items.

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Repeat a Service Item

With Proclaim in Edit mode, select the service item you want to repeat and check the box labelled Auto advance every [3] seconds. This activates the Repeat option. Check the box to the left of Repeat to apply this setting. Click the number in the auto-advance option to adjust the display timing. Learn more about customizing slide transition times.To repeat a video item, select Loop continuously.

Pro Tip: To repeat a verse or Scripture passage, add a Content item and enter the Scripture reference within double brackets (e.g. [[John 14:1–6]]).


Suggested Applications for Repeating Items

Consider using the Repeat feature in these situations:

  • Display a set of pictures to loop while you are speaking.
  • Create a looping presentation for digital signage.
  • During a break in class or seminar presentation, display a looping series of images or announcements until you resume the presentation.
  • Create a series of prompts that loop during a time of prayer.


Repeating Items vs. Pre/Post Service Loop

Repeating a service item is similar to the pre/post-service loop with some notable differences.

  1. The pre/post service loop can be a set of mixed service items. The Repeat feature is only applicable to a single item at a time.
  2. Proclaim automatically sets the default timing scheme for the pre/post-service loops based on the number of service items. When you repeat a service item, you manually select the display time for the selected item. (Learn more about customizing your slide transition times.)
  3. The pre-service loop ends automatically at your selected service time. When you repeat an item, it loops indefinitely until you manually navigate to the next item.

Note: Learn more about the sections in the Order of Service.

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