How to Show Live Video in Your Church Service with Proclaim

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Proclaim supports live video feed on your in-service projector(s) during your service. (Don’t have Proclaim? Get a free trial today.)

Did you know? You can add overlays to any output in Proclaim. Learn more!

Set Up Your Video Input(s)

In order for Proclaim to use a video feed, you must first set up your computer to see the video feed input. Proclaim treats all video feed types the same, whether your video is a webcam, a capture card with a switcher attached, or some other camera setup.

  1. Connect your camera

    Attach your own camera to your computer, use your computer’s webcam, or video switcher (for a multi-camera setup).
  2. Enable video input

    Open Proclaim and go to the Settings menu. Select Video Input, check enable video input, and select your attached video input in the dropdown.

Set Up Your Slides in Proclaim

Proclaim inserts the video layer behind the background of your slides, so in order to view the video input on your slides, your slide(s) must have a transparent layer. Anytime a service item is transparent, your video feed will show automatically on your Slides output.

Note: Proclaim uses virtual screens to send customized content to each output. If you want to show full slides in your service but send a video feed with lower thirds to your livestream or a secondary, create your slides like normal (without transparent backgrounds) for your Slides tab and set up an alternate screen for your livestream or secondary screen. Learn more about setting up alternate content screens.

To add transparent service items:

  1. Select the service item(s) on the left.
  2. Select the Slides output tab.
  3. Expand the Background dropdown and select the transparent background, which looks like a checkerboard.

Your video will show on your Slides output on every service item with a transparent background.

Did you know? If you normally show your full video feed on your slides, you can set default media for song, Bible, content, and announcement items (Settings > Default Media). Consider setting your default media to a transparent background if you plan to frequently show live video. Learn more.

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