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Fill-in-the-blank hides a portion of text on a slide and fades it in when you’re ready. Much like fade-in text, filling in the blank emphasizes a word or phrase in your sermon to make it more powerful.

Add Fill-in-the-blank text.

To enable fill-in-the-blank, select any text and press the fill-in-the-blank button  or manually enclose your text in underscores (the _ symbol). Proclaim will add a blank space in the place of your text and will reveal your text when you advance the presentation.

Note: Some fonts do not support underlining and will show an empty space in your content instead of an empty line.

Emphasize Fill-in-the-blank text.

To draw additional attention to your text, consider adding emphasis text. Select any text and press the emphasis text button  or use the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+shift+H on a PC or cmd+shift+H on a Mac). Proclaim will add an emphasis color to your text. Learn more about using emphasis text.

You can add emphasis color to the text only, leaving the fill-in-the-blank line unchanged. Highlight the text without the underscores and enable emphasis text. Notice how Proclaim adds an emphasis color to the text, but not the line.


You can install Proclaim on as many computers as you need. If you need to install Proclaim on a new computer, download it here.

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