An important announcement about your Proclaim Graceway Media subscription

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A couple of weeks ago, we told you that your Graceway Media subscription through Proclaim was changing to Partner Media. That was only partly correct.

Graceway Media and Proclaim are giving you the best of both worlds.

As a Graceway Media subscriber through Proclaim, you’re among a select group of people who get to keep access to the complete Graceway Media collection for as long as you’re subscribed to Partner Media. Plus, you get to lock-in your new subscription at the lowest possible price.

We want you to keep using the Graceway Media you know and love, even though we no longer offer the full library to anyone else. This deal is only available to people like you who had a Graceway Media subscription through Proclaim on May 9.

For more information, please read the FAQs listed below.


Does this mean I have access to all the Graceway Media I had access to before May 9?

Yes, you now have access to all the Graceway Media you had access to before May 9. You also have access to everything in the Partner Media subscription—including media from Church Motion Graphics, Igniter Originals, Dan Stevers Media, Freebridge Media, and Playback Media.


What if I just want Graceway Media?

If you only want Graceway Media, you can cancel your Partner Media subscription and purchase a Graceway Media subscription at You can access this media in Proclaim by linking your Graceway subscription to Proclaim.


What’s the difference between the Partner Media subscription and the Graceway Media subscription?

Partner Media includes about 30% of the Graceway Media that was included in the Graceway Media subscription. Partner Media also includes media from Igniter, Dan Stevers, Church Motion Graphics, and Playback media.


Will I be charged for both subscriptions?

No. You will only be charged for the Partner Media subscription. You will get access to the full Graceway Media library at no additional charge for as long as you are subscribed to Partner Media.


If I cancel my Partner Media subscription and decide to resubscribe later, will I also get back access to all the Graceway Media?

No. If you unsubscribed from Partner Media and resubscribe, you will get access to about 30% of Graceway Media. The price for Partner Media will be $499.90 or more depending on your congregation size.


Where can I update my subscription?

You can update your subscription at


Why don’t I see a Graceway Media subscription listed on my account?

In Proclaim, Partner Media has replaced the Graceway Media subscription option. However, since you were already subscribed to Graceway Media through Proclaim, we didn’t want you to lose what you already had. You have access to both Graceway Media and Partner Media, but you will only see Partner Media listed on your account.


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