Proclaim Local Wi-Fi Remote

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Control your presentation over a local network with the Proclaim local Wi-Fi Remote. You can view your slides and notes, and quickly move between service items. While you can connect to your presentation through the internet, a local Wi-Fi connection will be more reliable and stable. 

1. Enable broadcasting from Proclaim.

Open Proclaim and navigate to the Settings menu. Select the Remote tab. Select Enable to begin broadcasting. (To turn off sharing, select Disable.)

Note: In Windows you may need to accept an administrator prompt to set up your firewall and allow Proclaim permission to broadcast over the network.

Record the IP address to enter into your mobile device in the next step.

2. Enable access in the Proclaim Remote.

In the top right corner of the Proclaim Remote, open the menu and tap About to access the local Wi-Fi settings.

Toggle Enabled on and enter the IP address from the Proclaim Settings menu above.

3. Test the connection

Select Test Connection to ensure the remote is connected to your computer. Presentations under your control are labeled "Local" in the Remote app when it is being controlled through the Wi-Fi network.

Still having trouble connecting?

Read the troubleshooting guide here or give us a call at 888-634-2038 or post to the Faithlife Proclaim group and we’ll be happy to help you.


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