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Every Proclaim presentation automatically generates a digital Faithlife bulletin. The bulletin lets your members take live surveys, download contact or calendar information, interact with Bible Trivia, and much more. When you go On Air, your bulletin publishes automatically to your church group on Continue reading to learn how to find and customize your bulletins.

Did you know? If you have a Faithlife Site, you can set your bulletin to auto-publish to your website.

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Find Your Bulletin

You can find your bulletin from within Proclaim or find it on

Find your bulletin from Proclaim.

Expand the Files menu and click View Digital Bulletin.

Find your bulletin on

Go to and log in. Select your church group in the left-hand sidebar.

Expand Content and select Bulletins.

If you are an Admin or a member of your church's Bulletin team, all your bulletins – published and unpublished – display here. Select your presentation’s bulletin to view and edit its contents.

Note: Click here to learn how to create a Bulletin team for your church group.

2. Customize Your Bulletin

Auto-generated bulletins contain every service item in your presentation—though some are hidden by default unless you undelete them. You can remove items, add items, or adjust the publish date or timing. Select Preview to view your changes. Be sure to click Save to secure any adjustments.

Remove bulletin items.

Scroll through your generated bulletin and click X Delete to remove any unneeded items.

To undo any changes click Undo delete.

Note: Some items are hidden by default in your bulletin. Reinstate any of them by clicking Undo delete.

Add bulletin items.

At the top of your bulletin, click Add a photo to provide a header image. Choose an image from your Faithlife File Vault or upload a new one.

Note: Learn more about uploading files to your File Vault.

Add additional items at the bottom of your generated bulletin. Select any item on the right to add it to your bulletin.

  • Text: Add any text to your bulletin.
  • Media: Add a photo to your bulletin.
  • Presentation: Add slides from any Proclaim presentation to your bulletin.
  • Passage: Add a Bible passage from any available Bible.
  • Events: Select events from your Faithlife church calendar to show in your bulletin with the option to download the calendar details.

Adjust the publish date or timing.

By default, your generated bulletin publishes in time for the start of your service. To adjust the date or timing, click the blue date and select a new date and time. To publish immediately, click red X. When finished, click Done.


3. Share your bulletin

You can share your bulletin in several ways: online, as a printed copy, or to your clipboard.

Publish it online.

When you’ve finished customizing your bulletin, click Publish to set your bulletin to publish at the scheduled time you set.

Your bulletin will post to your Faithlife church group at the scheduled date/time. If you have a Faithlife Site, will also publish to your website at the scheduled date/time.

Note: There are advantages to sharing your bulletin digitally. Your people can directly access donation links, continue reading any passages that you’ve included in your presentation, and fill out surveys/contact cards to send directly to you! Additionally, any digital Signals used in your presentation will appear in-line, prompting your people to download calendar events, add contact cards, and more.

Print an offline copy.

Click Print in the right panel to converts your bulletin to a printable version you can hand out to congregants.

Copy to clipboard.

Click Copy to clipboard in the right panel to select your bulletin in your web browser. Press Ctrl + C (⌘CMD + C on Mac) to copy the content and paste it into another application.



You can install Proclaim on as many computers as you need. If you need to install Proclaim on a new computer, download it here.

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