How Do I Export My Logos Sermon to Proclaim?

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Doing your sermon preparation in Logos allows you to easily export your sermon to Proclaim. Follow the steps below to learn how to create and export a sermon using the integration between Logos, and Proclaim (learn more about Logos).

Learn more about publishing a sermon to Logos Sermons here.

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Create Your Sermon in Logos

Open an existing sermon from the Docs menu or create a new sermon from the Tools menu.

tools menu open with sermon builder called out

Logos automatically creates slides for any headings, quotes, or Scripture references in your sermon. Alternatively, you can highlight any other text you want converted to a slide and click the  button to Add slides from selected text. Add slides from a selected Scripture reference by clicking the  button.

To change the background of your slides, hover over the slide preview on the left of your text and select Edit and click Find Media to choose from available media. (This can also be done in Proclaim after you have exported your sermon.)

Note: Notes added to the Sermon Editor are not rendered on your slides but are visible in the Notes tab if you’re using a notes output or the Proclaim Remote. (For more information on outputs click here and to learn about the Proclaim Remote click here.)

Export Your Sermon to Proclaim

If you want to export a previously created sermon, navigate to the Docs menu and click the sermon you wish to export.

In the upper right corner of the Sermon Editor, select Export… and choose Send to Proclaim.

Export dialog showing with Send to Proclaim option highlighted

Follow the steps in the wizard to send the sermon to your preferred presentation. Click Send.

Send to proclaim dialog with the send option highlighted

Note: Proclaim does not need to be opened for this step nor does Proclaim open automatically.

View Your Sermon in Proclaim

Open the destination presentation in Proclaim to view your sermon. Your sermon imports into Proclaim as a collapsible service item.

Proclaim service order visible with imported sermon highlighted

Use Proclaim for additional editing or other customizations to your sermon slides. Learn more about text editing tips and tools. Changes you make in Proclaim will not update

Did you know? Exporting your sermon to Proclaim automatically creates a draft version of your sermon on Logos Sermons. (Learn more about Logos Sermons here.)

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