What if my video file is over 600 MB?

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Video files over 600 MB cannot be synced to your group to be used on multiple machines. If you attempt to do so, you'll see the error, File is larger than the 600mb file size limit for upload.

If your video exceeds the allowable file size, you have a couple options.

1. Use the file on your computer without uploading it. Create a Video item, then click Add Video > Import and select the file you want to use. At the upload dialogue, check Use on this computer only.



Note that your service item will sync to the other computers in your group, but the video will only be available on the computer on which it was added.

2. Attempt to compress your video file to make it smaller. Certain video files, especially those not in the .mp4 format, are able to be compressed using Handbrake. If your video exceeds the maximum file size, please follow these instructions to compress your video.


Note: Not all compressed videos will be under the 600 MB limit and may have to be added to a presentation as a local file.

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