How Do I Export My Slides?

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Proclaim supports exporting any slide in your presentation as an image. Flexible sharing options allow you to share your slides via Faithlife, Twitter, Facebook, email, or to export as images for another medium.

Note: You can also print your presentation slides. Learn more.

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Export images to social media or the clipboard.

  1. Right click on a service item in the Order of Service.

    When you select a service item with multiple slides, such as a Song, Proclaim shares the first slide in that item. To share a different slide in the service item, scroll through the slides on the Preview panel on the right and right-click the slide you want to share.

  2. Select Share to export to one of several social media. Hover over any icon in the Share dialog to learn what they do. Export your slides to social media or copy the images to your clipboard for use elsewhere.


Copy as Image

Edit your slides in another program before you save them.

  1. Right click on a service item in the Order of Service.
  2. Select Copy as image.

    Open a different application and paste the slide by pressing Ctrl + V (⌘CMD + V on Mac).


Save as Image…

Immediately save your slide(s) as image files. This is the only option available when you select multiple slides.

  1. Right click on a service item in the Order of Service.

    Note: Select multiple slides using Ctrl + click for Windows (⌘CMD + click for Mac) or select a series of slides by holding Shift and clicking the first and last slides in the series.

  2. Select Save as Image…. Select the directory where you want to save the files and click Save. If you selected multiple items or your service item contains multiple slides, Proclaim creates a folder in your chosen directory and saves each slide as a file in the folder.

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