Why don't my slides appear in my sermon recording?

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If you use Proclaim audio recording to record your sermons, some slides may not render in the final version on Faithlife Sermons depending on the circumstances under which they were recorded. If you are seeing blank slides in your published sermon video, please read the information below for troubleshooting advice.


Videos and motion backgrounds

Service items with motion backgrounds will only show the first frame of the background, not the animation. Video service items will appear black in the final Faithlife Sermons video recording.

Note: support for both video service items and motion backgrounds is planned for a future release of Proclaim.


Un-synced slides and on-air edits

It is important to ensure that your presentation is fully synced prior to recording your sermon on air. Any service items that were not synced during the time at which they were displayed on screen will not appear in the final recording. To ensure that all your slides appear, check the sync icon in the upper right.

On air edits made to your presentation will appear in the final video recording if you sync the edits prior to putting them on screen. Once you have navigated to a service item while on air, any edits you make will not be reflected in the video unless you sync and navigate back to the service item.


Quick screens

Quick screens do not appear in the final video recording on Faithlife Sermons.


Slides that require the internet

Items like On-Screen Bible, Web, Surveys and Trivia require the internet to be added, and will not show up in the recorded slides. Instead, an image of the service item icon will appear.

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