How to Set Up Digital Signage

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Digital Signage is like having customizable, miniature billboards all throughout your church building! And if you use Proclaim, you can create and schedule your announcements so your content will always be up-to-date.

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1. Create a Presentation Team.

If you’re brand new to Faithlife, you’ll need to create a Presentation Team.

Note: If you already have a Presentation Team (e.g., you already use Proclaim), you can skip to step 2.

To create a Presentation Team:

  1. Sign into If you don’t yet have an account, you can create one in a few seconds.
  2. Click the Plus icon in the left-hand sidebar to create a new group.

    Create a new group
  3. Select the Presentation Team group type, then click Next.
  4. Add a Group name and Group Location. No other Presentation Team on can share your name. A green check mark indicates your desired name is available. Leave the Privacy Level at the default setting, Private, which will allow others to find your group but will require your permission for them to join. Click Next.
  5. Add any other group details and then click Done.

2. Create a basic sign feed.

Once you have a Presentation Team, you can quickly create a customized digital sign feed.

While viewing your Presentation Team on, click Digital Signage on the left and select your desired digital feed.

Open digital signage link from dashboard

Note: You can create as many sign feeds as you need. For instance, you can make one for your website, one for the children’s wing, one for your lobby TVs, and one for the youth room.

Provide a title.

By default, your first feed is called “Main.” If you plan to have more than one sign feed, provide an identifying title for this feed (e.g., “Lobby TVs”) in the title field.

Display generated content.

Digital Signage provides several content items you can show in your feed.

Show Generated Content Toggles

  1. Bible Art: You can display a littlesome, or mostly professionally-designed Bible Art in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Korean, Simplified or Traditional Chinese or Spanish.
  2. Display Bible trivia: rotate free Bible Trivia questions in your sign feed. Learn how to engage with Trivia.
  3. Show On Air Presentations: If your church uses Proclaim, you can have your presentation take over your sign feed while you’re On Air. Learn more about showing On Air presentations.
  4. Bible App Download Slides you can show slides with QR Codes to the Logos Bible and/or Faithlife Study Bible apps.

Show the information frame.

The information frame adds customizable content around your sign feed—like the local weather, time, date, your church logo, and more. Check Show information pane to make the pane visible.

Show Information Pane Setting Checked

  • Add a fill color: Choose a color for the info pane by clicking the colored swatch and selecting a new color. You can choose from predefined colors or select the multicolor swatch to add a custom color.
  • Fill slots: You can customize the sidebar and 5 slots.

    Information Pane Slots

Note: Get more help using the information frame.

Add custom announcement slides.

You can add custom announcement slides to your sign feed with Proclaim. You can even schedule when you want your sign feed to show and remove your custom announcements. Learn more about Creating Custom Slides.


Did you know? If you have a subscription to Proclaim and use it for your services, you can add items items you’ve already created directly to your sign feed. When viewing any supported item, expand Send to sign feed and select your desired feed.

3. Display your sign feed

You can display your sign feed on any device with a web browser, with a FireTV or AppleTV, or on your website.

Show your feed in a web browser.

Any device with a web browser can display your sign feed, including smart TVs. While viewing your feed’s settings, click Copy Link.

Copy Link To View Your Sign Feed In A Browser

To make your feed fullscreen, click the full screen icon, which appears when you hover your cursor over the sign feed.

Show your feed on FireTV or Apple TV.

Digital Signage includes free apps for both FireTV and Apple TV. For either app:

  1. Download the app from the device store.
  2. Login using your account you used to create the Digital Signage feed.
  3. Select a feed to show.

Note: Get more help with Digital Signage on FireTV or on Apple TV.

Embed your feed on your website.

Each sign feed includes an embed script to add the feed to your website.

Copy embed sign feed

Note: Get more help adding a sign feed to your website.

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