Troubleshooting Proclaim Remote Issues

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Issues with the Proclaim remote are usually related to internet connectivity. Both the computer and mobile device need to have a strong connection to the internet, as well as a strong connection to one another.

If you’re having trouble, here are a few things you can try:

1. Connect to the presenting computer via local WiFi.

Local WiFi is the strongest and most direct connection. You can set up a local WiFi connection from the Remote settings in Proclaim. Verify a local WiFi connection by looking for the “Local” banner in the Proclaim remote. To learn more about setting up this connection, click here.

Note: Connecting via local WiFi requires connection to the local network but does not require connection to the internet.

2. Check your firewall and antivirus settings.

Allow Proclaim as trusted traffic. White-list any traffic from Faithlife, Proclaim, or Make sure port 51295 for local WiFi is open for Proclaim to use. If you are unsure if your firewall is blocking Proclaim, try temporarily turning off the firewall. For additional help with your firewall settings, contact your antivirus service provider.

3. Test your internet speed.

You can test your speed by clicking here. We recommend at least 10 Mbps for the remote. If you are below this threshold, check with your provider to see if something is wrong with your network or ask about a service upgrade.

4. Move your wireless router closer to your presentation space.

Dense walls and distance can cause the signal to degrade by the time it gets to your computer or the remote. This results in a slow or lagging connection.

5. Use a wired connection for your computer.

WiFi can be unpredictable, especially in a large space or when you have many people on the network. Use a wired connection for your presentation computer to ensure a stable connection to our servers and your router.

Still having trouble?

Send us logs from the About menu in the remote app. Tap the kebab menu icon  and select About. Tap Send Support Info.

You may call Proclaim technical support at 888–634–2038 or post to the Faithlife Proclaim group here.

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