How Do I Show the Weather for My Location?

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When you enable the information frame, you can display the weather for your location. To show your local weather, you'll need to set your location in Proclaim.

1. Open your sign feed in Proclaim.

With Proclaim open, expand the File menu, click Open sign feed, and select your sign feed.

Note: If you haven't added any custom slides, it will look like a blank presentation.

2. Go to your presentation settings.

With your sign feed open, select Presentation in the Settings menu.

3. Set your location.

Search for your current location in the search bar. The readout below will confirm the location. Select the confirmation to set your location. A map will visually identify your address. When you return to your sign feed, the weather will reflect your new location.

Did You Know? Using Proclaim has other benefits, like enabling custom announcement slides.

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