How Do I Add an Image to the Information Frame?

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You can add any public image in your information pane using the built-in cloud storage option.

1. Show the Information Pane for any Sign Feed.

Go to and navigate to your Presentation team. Click Digital Signage on the left and select your desired digital feed.

Check Show information pane to make the pane visible.

Note: Get more help setting up the information pane.

3. Add an image to an open slot.

Select any open slot and choose a QR Code option. Click +Add Photo to add an image.

Choose Image For Information Pane Slot

To upload an image:

  1. Select your desired vault: By default, the asset picker shows your Presentation Team’s storage vault. You can switch Teams to access images in your Church Group’s storage.
  2. Upload image: Upload, Upload From URL (add a public image to your files), or Create to add a new image.
  3. Select the image and click Insert.

Upload Image In Asset Picker

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