How Do I Add an Image to the Information Frame?

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Faithlife Digital Signage can show any public image in your information pane. While you can add any public image to your sign feed, Faithlife provides a built-in cloud storage option. 

Step 1: Get a Public Image Link from Faithlife Files

To use your free cloud storage through Faithlife, follow these steps:

1. Expand Content in the sidebar and select Files.

2. Click Upload files, add your image, and wait until the page refreshes.

3. Click the view details icon.

The view details icon  in the lower right-hand corner of the image preview. It will appear when you hover over the image with your cursor.

4. Select the link icon to copy the public link.

Step 2: Add the Image to Your Information Frame 

Locate your sign feed's settings. (Go to, select your Presentation Team in the left-hand panel, open Digital Signage in the Admin panel, and select your sign feed.)

Ensure the information frame is enabled, select Image for one of your available slots, and paste the link into the Image link field.

The information pane will update and add the image.

Note: Image links must start with https:// to work in the information frame.

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