Configure Notifications

You can configure notifications for Faithlife Groups from the Account Settings menu on


1. Select Account Settings.


Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the webpage to access Account Settings.



2. Select the Notifications tab.


3. Configure your notifications.




By default, Faithlife provides a balanced notification preference, but you can select any pre-configured setting or adjust the sliders manually. To reset to the default settings click Reset.




Your changes will save automatically.


Notification Levels


There are two levels of notification settings: one profile-wide set of defaults, and then per-group settings that can override the defaults. These two levels mean you can set one profile-wide default for everything and a different setting preference for a group or several different groups.


For instance, you may set your settings to “Balanced” profile-wide but your small group notifications to "All in" so you don't miss anything from that particular group. (You can set per group notification settings by selecting "Notification preferences" from the group’s navigation menu.)


If you want to reset all group settings to match your profile settings, click Set all groups to match these settings.


Promotional Settings


You can also adjust your promotional email settings from the bottom of the Notification Preferences page.

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