How do I search for digital assets?

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With Faithlife’s digital asset manager, you can quickly find any asset from the search bar. As soon as you start typing in the search bar, the digital asset manager starts a live search.

Note: Search looks at asset names, metadata, and even document text.

Search with Words and Symbols

For more detailed results, you can use a variety of symbols or words. Here are a few examples.


Exact Match

To search for an exact match, include the search term(s) in quotation marks. Note that terms separated with a space will run a combination search (i.e., a search that returns matches to both terms).

Example: “church picnic”

Result: any assets containing the exact phrase “church picnic” in the document, title, tag, etc.


Combination Searches

To search for assets that match two different search terms, include an AND between the terms. You can also simply separate the terms with a space.

Example: flower AND picnic

Result: any assets associated with both flower(s) and picnic(s)

To search for assets that match one of two search terms, include an OR between the terms.

Example: flower OR picnic

Result: any assets associated with either flower(s) or picnic(s)


Excluded Terms

To exclude a result from your search, include an exclamation point or a dash before the search term.

Example: flower !picnic

Result: any assets associated with flower(s) but not associated with picnic

Example: flower -picnic

Result: any assets associated with flower(s) but not associated with picnic


Bible Passages

To search for a Bible passage, surround the passage with greater than and less than signs.


Result: any asset with references intersecting the passage Hebrews 11


Wildcards or unknown words

Include an asterisk in your word or phrase to indicate a wildcard or unknown word.

Example: "Paul’s * missionary journey"

Result: any asset that contains the exact phrase “Paul’s ____ missionary journey” (the placeholder space can include any word or phrase)


Search with Fields

For even more advanced searching, you can include metadata fields in your search. For a full list of search fields, see search help.


Advanced Examples

Combining search fields with the search words and symbols above can produce powerful results.

Example: flower !tag:flower

Result: assets that have flower anywhere but not in a tag


Example: priest AND church !office

Result: assets which contain priest and church anywhere but not associated with office


Example: uploader:"Patrick Fore" uploaded:2021-02

Result: any asset that was uploaded by Patrick Fore in February 2021


Example: camera:5D !camera:"5D Mark II"

Result: any photo taken with 5D, but not the 5D Mark II


Example: VBS filename:*.eps !uploader:"Patrick Fore"

Result: any eps asset associated with VBS but not uploaded by Patrick Fore

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