How to Create a Group

Faithlife is your online community for fellowship with other believers. Within your Faithlife group, you can share posts, schedule events, make prayer requests, send newsletters, and share notes from your Bible reading.


To create a group, follow these steps.


1. Click the plus icon next to “Groups” on the home page.




2. Select a group type.




3. Enter your information.


Once you’ve selected a type, enter your group’s basic information, including a name and location. A location makes your group more discoverable for others in your area. If you are creating a group for your church or other organization, be sure to enter the full street address. To control the privacy of your group, set its privacy level. 




If you selected “Church” as your group type, you’ll be presented with the option to create subgroups. A few common subgroups, such as “Youth Group” are suggested for you. You can also use the search box on this page to select Faithlife Groups that have already been created for various small groups within your church.


Once you're group is created, take some time to invite others to your community. Learn more here.


Note: As an administrator or moderator, you can configure your group's settings and permissions. 

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