Configure Personal Privacy Settings

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You can configure your privacy settings from the Profile tab in your personal Account Settings. Any changes you make will be automatically saved.

Note: In addition to controlling your personal privacy settings, Account Settings also lets you adjust your personal notification preferences and sidebar settings.

1. Open Account Settings.

While logged into, click your profile picture and select Account Settings.

Three tabs display to help you adjust your Account Settings. Your privacy settings show in the Profile tab. Faithlife divides your profile into several sections to give you maximum control over your data.

2. Add personal account information.

Provide your personal account information in each section below, beginning with your public profile information. Add a photo, choose a display name, add a short bio or customize your profile URL. Your changes save automatically.

Note: All of the information you input in the Profile info section will be visible to everyone on Faithlife. Square images of 1024 x 1024px work best for your profile. Learn more about images dimensions on Faithlife.

Several categories of personal information display below:

  • Contact Information: address, phone number, email, social profiles
  • About You: gender, age, birthday, bio, faith background, allergies, etc.
  • Faith: spiritual gifts, testimony
  • Marital status: current relationship status
  • Employer: current and past employers
  • Education: previous degrees and educational accomplishments
  • Visibility: who can see your Faithlife posts and groups you’ve joined or followed; block specific users from seeing your posts or messaging you
  • Account: your account email and password information
  • Timeline: key marks in your personal history

Add details for each category. Changes save automatically.

3. Adjust privacy sliders.

Your profile information at the top of the page is generally public and your account details (email and password) and timelines are private. Faithlife takes privacy seriously and puts you in control of your data. For every other category, you can adjust the visibility for each piece of information. 

Choose between four options:

  • Me: only you can view this information
  • Closed: anyone who shares membership in a private/secret group with you can view this information
  • Open: anyone who shares membership in a public group with you can view this information
  • Everyone: anyone on can view this information

Note: When you set information to Open, Faithlife allows your church group to note that information as well. This is the easiest way to share your personal details with your church. For instance, when you update your email address in your Account Settings, we’ll prompt your church to update their contact information for you automatically.

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