How Do I Use the Information Frame?

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The information frame adds customizable content around your sign feed—like the local weather, time, date, your church logo, and more.

1. Open any Sign Feed.

Go to and navigate to your Presentation team. Click Digital Signage on the left and select your desired digital feed.

Open digital signage link from dashboard

Quick tip! You can quickly open your church group on by clicking your Avatar in Proclaim and clicking your church group. This will open your web browser to your church group. Select your Presentation Team from the left-hand Groups menu to open your Presentation Team.

2. Select Show information frame.

Check Show information pane to make the pane visible.

Show Information Pane Setting Checked

3.Change the frame color

Choose a color for the info pane by clicking the colored swatch and selecting a new color. You can choose from predefined colors or select the multicolor swatch to add a custom color.

Color selection menu for the information frame

Click Done to save your sign feed settings.

4. Select options for available slots.

You can customize each of the six available locations.

You can set the sidebar to display a custom church message or remain blank.

For each slot (1–5), you can choose between one of six options:

Note this example information frame customization.

Customized slots for a display feed

The settings above result in this information frame.

Information Pane Slots

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