How Do I Use the Information Frame?

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The information frame adds customizable content around your sign feed—like the local weather, time, date, your church logo, and more.

Follow these steps to enable and use the information frame:

1. Go to your presentation group on

If you don't yet have a presentation team, you'll need to create one first.


2. Select Digital Signage in the left-hand navigation menu.

3. Select your sign feed.


4. Select Show information frame.

Check Show information pane and fill the available slots. 

You can customize each of the six available slots: the sidebar and slots 1–5. The example information frame customization results in the following feed.

You can set the sidebar to display a custom church message, upcoming calendar events, or remain blank.

For each slot (1–5), you can choose between one of six options:

Change the frame color

Choose a color for the info pane by clicking the colored swatch. Use the color picker to choose the color, then close the picker when you're done.

Click Done to save your sign feed settings. The info pane will now be the color you chose.

Note: Faithlife will show the system color picker when choosing a color. Your color picker may look different than the one above.


Advanced options

For help adding an image to the information frame or setting your weather to match your location, follow the guides below. 


Add an image to the information frame.

The information frame can only show links to public images. You can upload your images to Google Drive or DropBox or use your free cloud storage through Faithlife.

To use your free cloud storage through Faithlife, expand Content in the sidebar and select Files.

Click Upload files, add your image, and wait until the page refreshes.

Click the view details icon  in the lower right-hand corner of the image preview (it will appear when you hover over the image with your cursor).

Select the link icon to copy the public link.

Return to your sign feed’s settings (you can arrow back in your web browser or return to and relocate your sign feed in your presentation group), ensure the information frame is enabled, select Image for one of your available slots, and paste the link into the field.

The information pane will update and add the image.

Note: Image links must start with https:// to work in the information frame.


Set your weather to match your location.

When you enable the information frame, you can display the weather for your location. To show your local weather, you'll need to set your location in Proclaim. If you don’t have Proclaim, you can download it for free here.

Note: Using Proclaim has other benefits, like enabling custom announcement slides.

With Proclaim open, expand the File menu, click Open sign feed, and select your sign feed.

Your sign feed will open. If you haven't added any custom slides, it will look like a blank presentation. With your sign feed open, select Presentation in the Settings menu.

Search for your current location in the search bar. The readout below will confirm the location. Select the confirmation to set your location. A map will visually identify your address. When you return to your sign feed, the weather will reflect your new location.


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