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You can configure your sidebar from the Sidebar tab in your personal Account Settings. Any changes you make will be automatically saved.


Start by clicking your profile picture and selecting Account Settings. If not selected by default, click the Sidebar tab.




The tab contains three columns.


  • Widgets shows available widgets.
  • Active shows active widgets
  • Live preview provides a real-time preview of your sidebar


Drag widgets from the widget column to the active column to change your sidebar.


Available Widgets

  • Today’s Readings shows all of your reading plan selections scheduled for today. Only you can see this. It is active by default.
  • Today’s Prayers shows all of your prayer list items scheduled for today. Only you can see this. It is active by default.
  • Verse of the Day shows a different professionally designed Bible verse every day.
  • Audio Channel displays an audio player that plays the most recept update from a specific media channel, RSS Feed, or podcast URL.
  • Recommended Links shows a list of links to your favorite websites.
  • RSS Feed shows the last 3 items from the specified RSS feed.
  • Survey allows you to ask a question and present answer options. Then, after voting, see the survey results.
  • Video Channel displays a video player that plays the recept uploads from a specific media channel or RSS feed.
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