Reading Plans

Reading plans are customizable, interactive scheduled readings designed to help you progress through books. You can create personal or group readings and track your progress from or your Faithlife apps.


Start a Reading Plan

To start a Bible reading plan, click Add in the Today’s Readings right sidebar widget on your Faithlife homepage from a desktop web browser and select your desired reading plan.




Note: If the Today’s Readings widget is not visible, you can make it visible by adjusting your account’s settings for Sidebar. Click on your profile photo in the upper right and select Account Settings. Next, select the Sidebar tab and make the Today’s Readings widget visible.


All your reading plans will appear in your sidebar. Select the reading to open the day’s reading.




Creating Group Readings

You can create readings for any group using the same method. Simply start it from the group’s homepage. Group readings will appear along your personal readings and will note their group association (see Genesis 1–3 reading connected to Example Church).




Note: By default, any member can create a reading plan while only administrators or moderators can remove reading plans from the group. Your group administrator can change these permissions in the group’s settings.


Creating Reading Plans in Logos

Logos allows you to create, customize, and share reading plans of the Bible or any other resource in your library. These personal reading plans will also appear in your sidebar widget. To learn more about creating reading plans in Logos, click here.


Join a Reading Plan

You can join group reading plans from the group sidebar or the newsfeed.


1. Click Connect to join from the sidebar.




2. Click Join reading plan to join from the newsfeed.




Once you join a group reading plan, both your group’s sidebar and newsfeed will indicate your current progress and prompt you to read.






The homepage will show all of your active reading plans, including any group plans you’ve joined.



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