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When you create a Faithlife account, you can connect with others and access content across the Faithlife platform. Post encouragement and insights from your study, participate in a group reading plan, share prayer requests and keep track of your prayer for others, manage your giving, and more.

Your Faithlife account and its credentials work across the Faithlife platform, including, Logos, Proclaim, and any other Faithlife product. If you already have an account with a current product, you already have an account at Enter your email and password associated with your account; then click Sign In.


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Create an Account

Edit Your Profile

Set Your Notifications

Configure Your Sidebar


Create an Account

To create a Faithlife account for the first time, go to (If you've received an email invitation to join a group, you can click the Join Group button in your email.)


1. Select Get Started.


2. Provide your name, email address, and a password.

Sign up for communication from Faithlife to stay informed of changes and updates as well as to receive special offers (Optional). Click Register.


3. Join a group.

Note: Accepting an email invitation to a Faithlife group bypasses this step and takes you immediately into your Faithlife group. Search for other groups by entering the name or keyword in the search bar at the top of the page next to the Faithlife banner.

Search for a group by entering a word from the group’s name to locate your church, college, or seminary group. You can also search for special interest groups, such as “Faithlife TV.” Click Done.

Note: Most public groups are configured to allow anyone to follow them. Being a follower of a group provides you limited group access. In order to become a member with full group access, you may have to request an invitation from that group's administrator.

Edit Your Profile

Click Settings in the left column under the Faithlife banner.


Click your avatar at the top right of the screen and select Profile or Account Settings.

Faithlife divides your profile into multiple sections to give you maximum control over your data. In each section, you can adjust the slider to your preferred visibility level:

  • Me - You are the only one who is able to view this information.
  • Closed - People who are in Private/Secret groups that you are also a member of can view this information.
  • Open - People who are members of Public groups that you are also a member of can view this information.
  • Everyone - Anyone who has a Faithlife profile can view this information.


Profile Info

You can add a profile photo, display name, and short bio. Faithlife auto-generates a unique URL for your profile, but you can alter it in the input box. Some users prefer to use a nickname or an incomplete name (e.g., “Jenna B”) for their public-facing name rather than their full name.

Note: All of the information you input in the Profile info section is visible to everyone on Faithlife.

Contact Information

Enter details about how people can connect with you (address, phone, email, etc.). Select the level of sharing for each mode of contact.


About You

This includes more detailed profile information, including gender, birthday, and bio. You also can see options for your faith background, skills, personality type, and more. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to connect with others and communicate together.



Share your spiritual gifts and testimony.


Marital status

Select a marital status and enter your wedding date.



Enter basic information about your employment history.



Use this section to let others know where you went to school and what degree(s) you earned.



Select who can see your posts and groups that you are a member of. You can also block other users, if necessary.



Access your name and login credentials. You can change your email or password from this section.



This section displays events from the previous sections where dates are included (e.g. Wedding date, employment, education, etc.)


Set Your Notifications

Click the Notifications tab to determine how often Faithlife communicates with you regarding activity in your groups along with other opportunities and promotions.

Expand the dropdown menu under Notification Preferences to choose a pre-set option. Adjust the individual sliders to customize the frequency of notifications for each type of activity or toggle a setting with YES or NO. This allows you to choose whether you want to be notified about a particular activity on, such as when “someone mentions @everyone.”

Note: Clicking the Reset button in the upper right corner returns you to the Balanced (Recommended) settings.

When a notification type is set to Immediately, you can choose whether you want to be identified by an email or push notification (text message).


Promotional emails

Click Manage promotional email settings to select your communication preferences for product lines in the Faithlife ecosystem. After choosing which products you want to hear more about, return to the Notifications tab by selecting Click here to manage communications from 

To opt out of all promotional email:

  1. Select Click here to stop promotional email from all Faithlife brands.
  2. Click the back arrow on your browser to return to the Notifications tab. Your preferences have been saved.

Note: You can change this in the future by clicking Sign up to select the Faithlife product lines you want to hear from.

Configure Your Sidebar

The Sidebar tab allows you to customize your Faithlife page by adding or removing interactive widgets that appear on the right-hand side of the page. Faithlife updates your settings in real-time providing you a live preview on the right side of the page.


Add widgets

Drag widgets from the Widget list to the Active list add them to your sidebar. Private widgets are only visible to you, and Public widgets are visible to anyone who views your profile. 

Once you add a widget, you can add content in the Active column. Update Prayer requests and Reading plans by clicking Add in the Live preview column. (Prayer requests and Reading plans can also be adjusted from your main page. Learn more about Reading plans and learn more about Prayer lists.)


Arrange widgets

Drag and drop widgets in the Active column to change the display order. Remove a widget from the Active column by clicking Delete in the upper right corner of the widget. 

When you’re finished, click the Faithlife banner to return to your main page.


Welcome! We're so glad you're part of the Faithlife community.

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