Create and Edit Your Profile

Your Faithlife profile communicates who you are to the Faithlife community. In a few moments, you can add info about yourself and control your privacy settings. And any changes you make to your profile are automatically saved. Your Faithlife account and its credentials work across the Faithlife platform, including, Logos, and any other Faithlife products. 

Create an Account

To create a Faithlife account for the first time, go to

Note: If you already have an account with a current Faithlife product like Logos Bible Software, Faithlife Proclaim, or Faithlife TV, you already have an account. Enter your email and password and click Sign In.

1. Select Create a free account.



2. Provide your name, email address, and a password. 

Sign up for communication from Faithlife to stay informed and to receive special offers. Click Register.


3. Follow the prompts to add your personal information.




4. Finally, search for and join some groups. Click Finish. 



Edit Your Profile 

To edit your profile, select Account Settings from the account menu on Faithlife divides your profile into five sections to give you maximum control over your data.


Profile Info

The first section, Profile info, is public to anyone on Faithlife. You can add a profile photo, display name, and tagline. Faithlife will auto-generate a unique URL for your profile, but if you would like, you can alter it in the input box.

Note: All of the information you input in the Profile info section will be visible to everyone on Faithlife.



About You

The next section, About You, includes more granular profile information, including gender, birthday, and bio. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for others to find you and communicate with you.


Faithlife takes privacy seriously and puts you in control of your data. Adjust the sliders accordingly for each detail you provide.


  • MeOnly you will see this information.
  • Closed: People who are members of moderated groups that you are also a member of can see this information.
  • Open: People who are members of open groups that you are also a member of can see this information.
  • Everyone: Everyone on Faithlife can see this information. 


Contact Info

The third section, Contact Info, offers connection points to other users. Once again, you can adjust privacy sliders for each piece of information. 




Visibility gives you control over how public your information is on Faithlife. Adjusting the sliders limits how visible your posts or joined groups are to other users on Faithlife. You can also block users by entering names in the input box.




The final section, Account, gives you access to your name and login credentials. You can change your email or password from this section.


Note: Some users prefer to use a nickname or an incomplete name (e.g., “Jenna B”) for their public-facing name rather than their full name.

Welcome! We're so glad you're part of the Faithlife community.

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