Invite Members to Faithlife Group

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You can add members to your Faithlife group using the Invite button on your group homepage.

1. From your Group’s main page, click Invite.

This will take you to a page where you can invite people to become members of your group. Members have the ability to post messages to the group page, view the group membership list, and send messages to the group, among other things.


In contrast, non-members who become followers of your group will be able to see a limited amount of the information from your group. (Group admins may adjust what followers see in the Privileges settings).


2. Add invitees.

You can invite people in two different ways.

Type names or email addresses into the search box. 

As you type, potential matches from existing Faithlife profiles will appear in a dropdown below. If the person you would like to invite already has a Faithlife profile, you can select them from this list. 



Otherwise, type the email address of the person you wish to invite and hit Enter. You can invite more than one person at a time by putting a comma between the email address.

Import from CSV 

You can upload your own spreadsheet containing names and email addresses to speed up the process. 


3. Add an optional personal note. 

Adding a personal note will provide some context for your invitation.  


4. Click send.

You’ll return to the “Members” page within your group where you can review your pending invitations (and withdraw them, if necessary) by clicking on Pending invites in the right side panel.


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