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You can add members to your Faithlife group using the Invite button on your group homepage.

Note: For individuals in your group's Directory who have a listed email address but are not yet members,  you can also click the Invite button on the row with the individual's information to send an email invitation to join your group.

1. From your Group’s main page, click Invite.

You can find the Invite button in the top right-hand corner of your group's homepage.


2. Set the invitation type.

You can choose to invite people as Members or Followers. By default, your group will invite people as members. To invite people as followers, expand the dropdown menu.


While you can change the permission settings for members and followers from your group's settings, generally speaking Members can post messages to the group page, view the group membership list, and send messages to the group (among other things), while Followers can only see things shared publicly in your group.

3. Add invitees.

You can invite people in two different ways.

First, type names or email addresses into the search box. 

If your type a name, potential matches from existing Faithlife profiles will appear in a dropdown below. If the person you would like to invite already has a Faithlife profile, you can select them from this list.


Otherwise, type the email address of the person you wish to invite. You can invite more than one person at a time.


Second, you can import email addresses from a CSV.

You can upload your own spreadsheet with email addresses to speed up the process. Select Add contacts and choose a CSV file with email addresses of invitees listed in cells of the first column.


Note: Faithlife only imports email addresses from the CSV file. Any other data in the CSV file will be ignored.

4. Include an optional personal note. 

Adding a personal note will provide some context for your invitation.


5. Click Invite.

When you click Invite, each invitee will receive an email invitation to your group.


Note: If invitees already have a Faithlife account associated with the email address, they can sign in and join your group. If they don't yet have a Faithlife account, they'll be prompted to quickly provide their name and a password to join your group and create an account at the same time.

You’ll return to the Members page within your group where you can review your pending invitations (and withdraw them, if necessary) by clicking on Pending invites in the right side panel.


Once someone joins your group, you can change their role or remove them from your group from the Members page. Select a name, expand Actions, and make a selection.


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