Add or Remove Professional Stock Photos

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Faithlife Sites provides easy access to free, professional stock photos for use anywhere in your website.


Add Stock Photos

  1. Start by adding an image.
    You can add images in a variety of places, like from the page settings:


Or from within a content widget when editing a page:


  1. Select Stock Images or the Unsplash tab.


  • Stock Images is a collection of church-related images curated by Faithlife.
  • Unsplash is a free online directory of user-submitted images. The directory has been narrowed to church-applicable images.
  1. Search to narrow the results.
  2. Select an image and click Insert.
    Remember to save and publish your changes to make them go live.


Remove Stock Photos

To remove an image from one of your pages:

  1. Open the content widget editor.
  2. Click the image.
  3. Press delete.

Note: From the content widget editor, you can also remove the entire widget by clicking Delete this item.

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