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How do I add or remove professional stock photos?

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Faithlife Sites provides easy access to free, professional stock photos for use anywhere in your website. You can add or delete stock photos while in edit mode on your website.


Add or Remove Stock Photos

You can add a stock photo to or delete it from the metadata on your website through Page Settings. Metadata provides information about your site to search engines and social media sites. It does not appear on your website.

Alternatively, you can add or delete a stock image to a page on your site through the Content Widget.


Page Settings

On the Pages tab of your site, click on the Settings icon of the page you want to modify.


Click Upload image in the Page Image section.


Remove a stock image by clicking the delete icon in the Page Image section.


Content Widget

Alternatively, click the blue add widget icon on your webpage and choose the Content widget. Select Insert image.


Select the Faithlife Stock or Unsplash tab and use the search bar to narrow image results.


  • Faithlife Stock is a collection of church-related images curated by Faithlife.
  • Unsplash is a free online directory of user-submitted images. The directory has been prefiltered to display church-applicable images.

Choose an image and click Insert.


If desired, click the box next to Title and Custom Background to select these options.

Click Save after making your changes.


Remove an image from a page by clicking the Edit icon for the content widget.

Select Delete this item.


Note: Remember to save and publish your changes to make them go live on your site.

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